Our partner for pressure management: VAG-Armaturen


Founded in 1872, VAG is a highly experienced manufacturer of valves for water and wastewater applications. The frequent introduction of innovative products the company gains the reputation of being a pioneer in providing modern, global solutions. Currently, VAG has manufacturing sites in Germany, the Czech Republic and China and Employs more than 950 persons worldwide.

The pressure-leakage relationship means that high pressure can cause excessive leakage flow rates. Conversely, reducing the water pressure in a
pipe network can decrease leakage.

Pressure management thus comprises the adjustment and control of water pressure in water supply systems to an optimum level. The implementation of a pressure management system can be profitable not only in existing water distribution networks, but also in newly planned networks. Thornton et al. generally defined pressure management as the practice of managing system pressures to the optimum levels of service ensuring sufficient and efficient supply to legitimate uses and consumers, while reducing unnecessary excess pressures, eliminating transients and faulty level controls all of which cause the distribution system to leak unnecessarily. [78]


[78] Thornton, J. and Lambert A. O., Progress in practical prediction of pressure: leakage, pressure: burst frequency and pressure: consumption relationships. Proceedings of the IWA Specialised Conference ‘Leakage 2005’, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2005.