Our partner for leak detection: Sewerin


Technology leader for gas and water leak detection equipment. The Sewerin group of companies are an internationally successful, family owned group with its headquarters in Gütersloh, Germany. The core business is the development, production and global distribution of electronic measuring equipment for the gas and water supply and distribution. A global distribution network covering more than 80 countries makes Sewerin one of the leading companies in its field of expertise.

Active leakage control (ALC) is an intervention method to counteract real water losses in which a water utility deploys funds, personnel and technical equipment to actively detect and repair leaks that are currently running undetected into the ground. [77] The main purpose of ALC is to reduce the runtime of hidden leaks in order to minimise real water losses.


[77] Thornton, J., Sturm, R. and Kunkel, G., Water Loss Control. McGraw-Hill, 2008.