Capacity development through dialogues, trainings and on-the-job instructions

To ensure implementation of the guidelines, target group-oriented workshops and trainings are necessary. Based on needs assessments in the three target groups, a training concept has been developed on the management of water supply networks including valve dimensioning, maintenance and repair.

The contents of the summary for decision-makers, technical manual and the supplementary materials provide the framework for the different trainings. Training plans and materials have been developed based on a modular approach and offer different tailor-made trainings possibilities, depending on the participants' needs and level:

Stakeholder dialogues for decision-makers

Participants: directors of water utilities, department heads of governmental authorities (ministries, agencies, regional and local structures), research institutes, media representatives, etc

Trainings for executive staff

Participants: engineers, designers/ planners, department heads of water utilities, etc.

Practical training for operators

Participants: technicians, network masters, applicants/ users, workers of water utilities, etc.