List of interesting links related to water loss reduction

You will find here a llisting of interesting links and material related to water loss reduction. We will also publish here the documents uploaded by the visitors who decided to contribute and share documents.



The WAVE and WAVE-plus programmes contribute to improve the performance of water service providers (WSP) in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia through a set of tailor-made human capacity development measures. Those measures are identified and prioritized by the WAVE Pool, a regional learning and networking forum composed of experts, practitioners and decision-makers in water sector institutions. WAVE pool members are delegated by the WAVE partner organisations from all four WAVE countries (plus Southern Sudan).


UNW-DPC Proceedings

Proceedings of the international and two regional workshops on water loss reduction co-organized by UNW-DPC and UN-HABITAT and held in Bonn (Germany), Leon (Mexico) and Sofia (Bulgaria). These proceedings contain case studies from main cities in different regions:


List of WLR related tools

  • AWWA Free Audit Software - A spreadsheet-based water audit tool designed to help quantify and track water losses associated with water distribution systesm and identify areas for improved efficiency and cost recovery.
  • AZPandNDFCalc - This free software explains how to identify and recod the location of the average zone point and how to calculate the night day factor by analysing pressure measurements taken at the average zone point.
  • CalcuLEAKator - This tool provides water balance and performance indicator calculation in accordance with IWA methodology using a "bottom-up" approach.
  • EurWB&PICalcs - This software is designed to be used in the 'Getting Started' methodology to provide a quick assessment of current leakage management and 'fit for purpose' leakage performance indicators for any utility system or sub-system with quick simple sensitivity testing.
  • LEAKS Suite of Softwares - A set of proprietary tools each focusing on a specific area in WLR.
  • WB-EasyCalc - A multi-lingual water balance and water loss performance indicator software by Liemberger & Partners which is freely available on their website.